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HBO Series La Muchacha que limpia

HBO Series :::  La Muchacha que Limpia.
The Cleaning Lady (Spanish: La Muchacha que Limpia) is a Mexican crime drama television series co-produced by WarnerMedia Latin America and BTF Media.  The first  season of 8 episodes  was premiered on HBO on June 20, 2021. The series is based on the Argentina series of the same name, winner of the Martín Fierro Federal de Oro award.

NatGeo Destinos – Xcaret

Nat Geo  :::  TV Show 
Nat Geo invites the viewers to discover “one of the most fascinating places in the world“ through the lens of the actress and host Ana Claudia Talancon. Ana Claudia  is originally from Quintana Roo,  and during the story she rediscovers “with different eyes” the place where she was born.

NatGeo Kids Opa Popa Dupa

Nat Geo Kids  :::  TV Show 
Emmy International nominated  show and awarded  show for best children's series at the Produ Awards 2019.
A puppets show with a clear goal: to educate through entertainment. With songs, celebrities and lots of humor so that children can learn great values while they are still little and the grownups can feel proud. And they can all roar with laughter while watching Eco and Nube, the first NatGeo Kids explorers, trying to live with all the animals in the forest.  

Adulto Contemporáneo

Adulto Contemporáneo ::: Branded Content Web series
Episodic and sketched comedy web series. It is  about a group of friends realizing they are not young anymore, but contemporaneous adults.    

UNIVISION ::: Udisea

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